Kasey Quinones (1)

Kasey Quinones


Kasey finds joy in helping “the little people” like kids and animals. Kasey has been with FAAH since 2021.  Kasey’s primary drive is simply to try her best to ensure an animal’s wellbeing via preforming prescribed treatments. She originates from New Jersey but moved to Dover, DE after getting married in 2018. Her close family consists of her husband, her brother, her mother, her little sisters, and her 3 fur babies Ace, Lita, and Munchee. Ace is a silly but nervous boy who will do a growly whine when here wants attention.  Lita is a very affectionate but feisty girl who would happily cuddle in bed with her parents all day. Kasey and her husband’s hobbies include reading the bible and praying; playing videogames; watching superhero shows/movies, exercising, relaxing, and playing with her dogs.