James English (1)

James English


James, the numbers man, was born in Pennsylvania and moved to Delaware in 2002. His passion for becoming a vet tech sprang up when he was 8 years old. His mother, who was also a vet tech, brought home a foster dog they were told was never going to walk again- or so they thought. When that same Doberman was found up, walking and playing one fateful morning; James knew he wanted to do the same work as his mother. From there, he attended lake forest high school and upon graduating, enrolled in the Del Tech veterinary program. He shadowed in 2009 for 3 years before being hired at FAAH. James’ day to day in the hospital ranges from assisting with surgeries, to inventory/ numbers, and budgeting. His family consists of his beloved wife and daughter, and his two chihuahuas; 9-year-old, Pedro and 12- year-old, Max. Outside of helping animals, James enjoys football and videogames.